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"...This honesty in performance only is intensified by the costume design (from Emma Weber), which emphasizes the way the various layers of maternity wear must combine sensuality and function..."                              -Chris Jones



"...Even if Amy were proven to be only a figment of Mari’s shattered psyche, her relationship with Mari would still be the most engrossing in the play. There’s something strange in the way Amy’s sense of style and personal address are almost mirrored opposite to Mari’s in every way. Where Mari is conservative, inward, and anxious, Amy’s kitschy necklace, bright clothes and no-nonsense style suggest something quite different. As though Mari were outwardly projecting the kind of woman she could never be—that is, the kind of woman actually capable of loving the changeling for who she is."                                          -Anthony J. Mangini




"...The costumes by Emma Weber are realistic and reflect how a new mother must manage after the rigors of childbirth."                       -Michael Haron

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